CA Final Direct Tax Paper Made Easy

by Administrator 4. August 2012 20:50

The Direct Tax Paper is one of the most important papers for the students of CA Final. It is also one of the scoring papers. For getting good marks in the paper all the concepts should be well understood. Not a single doubt must remain in the mind. Everything should be given equal importance. The case laws are also very important. Therefore, doing good practice of the case laws gives you better grip on the problems. Write down the relevant case laws and make a list for different sections separately. As more you will write more you remember as compared to just reading and cramming the laws and sections. Reading may make you confused but writing increases your focus on the subject. Timely revision is also very important. Prepare with the help of the scanners, previous years’ question papers and reference books it provides you the actual exam pattern. Work on the practice manual part of the syllabus to get the recent amendments in the laws. Always make a notes-making habit at the time of studying it will boost your confidence at the time of the final preparation. At the time of examination attempt all the easy questions first and then give time to the tough questions. Underline all the case laws and relevant sections with reference to the question. And try to attempt all the questions.     

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